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Mary Quinn Doyle, a Maine certified teacher, is willing to visit your school, fair, library, organization, recreational program, festival, workshop days, and special event, with several hundred puppets from her collection for everyone to enjoy.  If you click on the links on the top of the page, you can get an idea of the amazing variety of some of the puppets that are available.

Puppet workshops are offered where those in attendance are invited to work in groups to create a puppet show relating to one of the many global folk tales that Mary has collected.  Stories from places such as Bengal, China, Sweden, India, Sudan, Philippines, Japan, Ireland, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Israel, Russia, Germany, Siberia, Persia, and Korea will be some of the offerings.

Stories from Aesop’s Fables or Grimms’ Fairy Tales will also be available for individuals to present.  A summary of the folk tale, fable or fairy tale is provided. Individuals are given the appropriate puppets for their story and supplies to create a backdrop for their particular story for the puppet theater.

Mary has been collecting puppets since 1975, and she has over one thousand puppets at this time!  She is receptive to bringing her puppets for all types of creative happenings.  Although puppets are often associated with children’s events, adults always seem to enjoy them, as well!

The Traveling Puppet Extravaganza is truly unique in that, instead of professional puppeteers working the puppets, those in attendance at the event have an opportunity to be the puppeteers!

Traveling Puppet Extravanganza

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